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measurements of good size, matching the corresponding joint. well check each bit roller flexibility, loose or not, connection of drilling tools. to the bottom, the rotating disk, to be smooth, then slowly down, all the sand flushing as well.

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With professional and productive factory, HAINAISEN is one of the leading China wind bit manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale wind bit, casing tube, steel tooth bit, tungsten carbide, drilling fishing tools, integral blade stabilizer from us, we always have cheap products to offer you.


PDC is made of diamond micro-powder and hard alloy substrate under high temperature and high pressure. It possess of high wear resistance like diamond, at the same time the impact resistance like hard alloy and that’s made it the best material as a drill bit cutter. Reinforced PDC has higher dense diamond powder, claw hard alloy substrate made the two layers solid as whole one. So, the reinforced PDC of supper wear resistance, longer service life and high efficiency.
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