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  • Integral Blade Stabilizer

    Contact NowIntegral Blade StabilizerBit size (in)O.D. (mm)O.D. of body (mm)I.D.(mm)Length(mm)String type connectionsNear bit type connectionsTopDownTopDown6152.2121511200NC38NC38NC383 1/2 REG6 1/4158.7121511200NC38NC38Read More2015-08-24

  • Non-rotating Stabilizer

    Contact NowNon-rotating StabilizerDuring drilling, the non-rotating stabilizer transfer the torque by means of mandrel, the rubber sleeve is sliding and moving relative to the mandrel, the rubber sleeve thus plays a role in stabilizerRead More2015-08-24

  • Milling tools

    Contact NowMilling toolsThe flat--bottom mill shoe whose bottom face is overlaid with YD alloy or abrasive materials is used to mill downhole junks.Technical specifications and parametesTypeOD (mm)Connection(Box)Hole size(mmRead More2015-08-24

  • Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer

    Contact NowReplaceable Sleeve StabilizerWhen ordering please specify:● Mandrel series and sleeve O.D.;● String or near bit application;● Top and bottom connection;● Hardfacing type.Specifications – SleeveHole Size (in.)Mandrel SerRead More2015-08-24

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