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91/2"HS662XG Steel Body Pdc Bit, Pdc Bits For Well Drilling

With professional and productive factory, HAINAISEN is one of the leading China tire body pdc drill bit manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale tire body pdc drill bit from us, we always have cheap products to offer you. 1. pecifications 1.Advanced cutting structure 2.High performance PDC cutter...

With professional and productive factory, HAINAISEN is one of the leading China tire body pdc drill bit manufacturers. Welcome to wholesale tire body pdc drill bit from us, we always have cheap products to offer you.


1.Advanced cutting structure  
2.High performance PDC cutter 
4.suitable for different formation on time 
6.Wear resistance
7.Impact resistnace toughness

PDC  bite matrix body
Bit SizeNo of bladeCutter size Nozzle QTY TypeGauge LengthJunk slot area(in²)ConnectionRotary speed(rpm)Weiaht on speed(KN)Max wob(KN)Flow rate(lps)
8-3/4″716mm7NZ2.5″204-1/2″API Reg60-35013-11511528-70
9-7/8″616mm6NZ3.5″20.26-5/8″API Reg60-35013-10010022-35
12-1/4″516mm7NZ2.5″586-5/8″API Reg60-26030-14014028-70
8-1/2″516mm5NZ2″15.94-1/2″API Reg60-26025-11011020-35
8-1/2″616mm6NZ2″13.24-1/2″API Reg60-26025-11011020-35
5-7/8″313mm3NZ1.5″8.113-1/2″API Reg60-26030-808020-35
12-1/4″616mm9NZ3″406-5/8″API Reg60-35014-989838-60
5-7/8″513mm3NZ1.5″7.23-1/2″API Reg60-26025-909010-30
8-1/2″516mm7NZ2.5″394-1/2″API Reg60-35014-676728-70
7-7/8″513mm7NZ2.5″16.54-1/2″API Reg60-35014-676728-60
6-3/4″413mm6NZ2.5″16.54-1/2″API Reg60-35014-676725-38
8-1/2″616mm6NZ2.5″15.24-1/2″API Reg60-35014-10010022-38
6-1/4″513mm7NZ2″16.53-1/2″API Reg60-35014-676725-38
8-1/2″519mm6NZ2″18.14-1/2″API Reg60-28030-11011022-35
8-3/4″516mm5NZ2″16.24-1/2″API Reg60-35025-10510522-38
7-7/8″516mm7NZ2″12.24-1/2″API Reg60-35014-10510525-38
6-1/8″616mm6NZ1.5″15.83-1/2″API Reg60-28014-676728-38
17-1/2″616mm7NZ3″367-5/8″API Reg60-30022-16016060-90
9-1/2″416mm6NZ2.5″28.36-5/8″API Reg60-35014-909030-40
6″516mm5NZ2″103-1/2″API Reg60-35014-676725-38
4-3/4″513mm3NZ1.5″6.92-7/8″API Reg50-28025-909010-30
12-1/4″519mm5NZ3.5″396-5/8″API Reg60-28030-14014028-70
8-1/2″513mm5NZ2.5″16.34-1/2″API Reg60-35025-808025-38
10-5/8″516mm5NZ2.5″16.96-5/8″API Reg60-35025-10010025-38

 2.Bit Size: 4 1/2"-- 17 1/2''(114mm--444.5mm)

 Blades: 3--9 Blades

Nozzles: according to your requirement

PDC Cutter: 1913,1613,1313 and so on

Rotary speed:60-300 rpm

Delivery terms:within 3 days after the payment

Package: Wooden Boxes. as custoemrs requirements

OEM: OK, We can make kinds of PDC bits according to customers' requirements


Description:  Our PDC petroleum drilling bit/ oil&gas drill bit, which all used for

drilling oilfield. Compared with the steel body bits, the matrix body is more 

suitable for hard rock. And the bits lifetime is two times than the steel body. 

We can provide the size from 31/2 inch to 121/2 inch.  

 About Company:

We are Shaanxi Hainaisen Petroleum Technology Co., engaged in diamond 

drill bits, diamond core bits ,geological  exploration and mining drill bit of R &D,manufacturing

 and sales.the company is located in XI’AN JINGWEI zone ,spanning between two rivers ,where 

convenient transportation,abundant ,honest,beautiful scenery .in the early stage of the market has

 formed a good block ,have agood block ,have a good reputation in the industry ,the company 

adhere to the long –term development path. Has engaged in a diamond drill bit ,drill geological 

minning research,design ,manfacturing and technical experts, the use of advanced technology for

 oil ,geology ,mine design a variety of different formations specification PDC bits,core bits ,geological

 minning drill .the company also produces wear shose ,shoes and other downhole tools washover.



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