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5 blades Steel body used diamond core drill bits PDC Drill Bit



Steel Body PDC bits

Number of blade: 5

Cutter size (mm): 19mm

Nozzle QTY Type: 5NZ

Gauge length: 3.5

Junk slot area(in^2): 39

Connection: 6-5/8"API Reg

Operating parameters

Rotary speed(rpm): 60-280

Weight on bit(KN): 30-140

Max wob(KN): 140

Flow rate (lps): 28-70

Soft to Medium hard formation with lowe compressive strength 

Interbedded with hard layers. Rock type: Clay stone. Marl. Lignite. Sandstone, Tuff.

The 1905 is a matrix body PDC bits with 5 curved blades and medium
Short parabollc profile. Force-balance design and lowe-friction Gauge
Improve and whirl ability. 

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