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about the drill bit operating rules


Bit is also need the right operation method in the process of use, please experts to explain how to correct operation bit you.
1, when operating, please wear good clothes, safety glasses, helmets, etc;Please do not wear loose clothing and yarn gloves, thank you for your cooperation.
2, in order to prevent the scrap iron hand cut, drill, please use the hook to remove iron.
3, before use, please check whether there is bit scar, please do not use if you have any scars.
4, if a bit stuck, please immediately shut off the motor.
5, change, remove the drill bit, shall ensure that equipment power supply in the disconnected state.
6, the drill rotates, please do not touch, lest produce risk.
7, bit blade is very hard, but also very brittle, be careful protection, if will affect the drilling bit collapse blade effect, also can cause the bit broken.

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