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Advantages drag bit


Rotary drilling drag bit is a drill bit used in the first, simple structure, easy fabrication, low cost. Drilling for up to 4 drillability of soft mudstone and shale formations.

Tipped blade bits, diamond drag bit successful development, improving and expanding the blade bit drilling efficiency and scope.

1, long bit life: As the cutting teeth as a wear ratio of PDC is 20-40 times more than carbide, diamond drill is more than 10 times the ordinary, thus greatly extend the life;

    2, high drilling efficiency: diamond exposed large (almost all of the composite polycrystalline layer exposed), the drill bit can remain sharp, thus greatly improving the speed of footage;

    3, low-voltage, low-speed drilling: Drill to scratching, shearing crushing rock, which WOB just the same diameter diamond impregnated bit WOB about 1/3;

    4, gage effect: PDC drill bit can be mounted inside and outside the polycrystalline diamond gage, wear resistance, good security performance path, make efficient use of cutting teeth;

    5, using a wide range: Practice has proved that the drill is suitable for rock, limestone, chalk, clay, siltstone, sandstone and other soft, medium and hard (rock drillability 9 below) stratigraphic drilling compared with the general drill, especially rock drilling 6-8, the effect is particularly significant;

    6, because the drilling speed, long life, thus starting, drill a small number of times, greatly reduce the cost of drilling, with excellent value for money

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