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Cone bit late maintenance What Precautions


At the time of drilling, the need for full use of cutting and watching the crumbs; 6. In the case of cross-drilled holes before, you need to use a relatively large diameter holes, then use a small aperture; its drilling when broken open and the case of a sudden stop, the feed is probably faster, and thermal shock when the exigencies sharpened and holes.

Drilling will make its intermediate broken, probably because the drill lip angle relatively small gap, feed too fast they appear passive, too much pressure, lack of cooling Qi, drill, or poor work clamp home due.

When in place, it needs to condemnation, so time after use, easy to save time, save a bit of time to look for.

When the drill through, and when it is about to pierce when torque is the greatest, so at this time require relatively light pressure slowly feed in order to avoid the drill due to excessive force and broken.

Before drilling must fight center, its purpose is to prevent it from receiving intravenous infusion of bottoming, can guide the drill in the correct position on the cone drill bit after use, do not need to immediately test deposit There is a damaged and passivation of a bad situation if there should be ground, trim immediately.

As well as for improvement and exclusion block and the number of rows of teeth toothy length plus special alloy teeth, etc., and take high strength and toughness in the tooth carbide tipped drill bit.

Which exhibited a relatively high abrasion resistance and insert tooth cutting skills. Making steel tooth drilling new material wear parts tooth surface, adhere to rigid steel tooth bit high-speed drill.

Alignment generally to floating sleeve bearing stress spread unevenly touch condition, its outer and inner rims of the parting paper presents the whole convex, marking and other linear and logarithmic curve repair the other three buses.

The simulation analysis indicate Accounting Software for accounting, on improving the bus modification touch sliding bearing stress distribution, the number of progressive bearing wear life have obvious implications.

Drill oil drilling process is the most important thing sideways, its use is simply the number of life depends directly on the number of bit bearing life.

Cone bit bearing system with the usual mechanical sliding bearings compared to the case in the bearing arrangement, acceptable load, the relative speed of the operating environment and the sliding bearing between the deputy and other areas have a very special function.

Three-cone drill bit using a floating bearing method, the floating product is the result of new materials made in strength, wear resistance and high temperature characteristics, and above the surface of the solid lubricant after processing.

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