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pdc drill bit crown which basic shape


Fishtail PDC bits long fins, increasing the height of the protrusion of the composite sheet, while also increasing the gap between the drill bit and the formation of the crown, easy to make cuttings discharged to the annular space Buzhi Yu adhere to the drill bit body, in favor of jet clean wash. The biggest feature of this drill is to reduce mud packs and mud packs and related drilling problems. Fishtail PDC drill suitable for drilling vertical wells dial and directional well drilling, suitable for high viscosity drilling mud shale.

PDC bit shallow conical shape of the four crown, the crown area of the smallest, hydro energy concentration, easy to clean. Because of its shape longer rely gage and appropriate righting, so fast drilling, but also to maintain a stable orientation and inclination. This is not easy to drill composite sheet density is too large, and can only be used to dial drilling for drilling sandwich.

There is a bit short parabolic tapered crown, its crown quite Yuandun. This design allows the outside of the drill bit cutting teeth arranged in a greater number, so that the drill bit wear more balanced. Short parabolic PDc drill for rotary drilling and downhole drilling and directional drilling are relatively stable, the most suitable for drilling may encounter hard interlayer region.

Parabolic drill entire crown load distribution, no load transition zone, the load will not be too concentrated. This shape allows the drill crown diameter portion cloth shoulder and regulations more cutting teeth, it is best suited for high-speed downhole drilling. Parabolic drill has good wear life, but this type of drill bit has a larger crown surface, higher water flow and to achieve clean energy and cooling the drill bit in the drill nose damaged mezzanine current situation.

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