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PDC drill bit thick shale drilling technology Research and Practice


Offshore drilling operations in order to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, the development of PDC bit thick conglomerate drilling technology. On the basis of maintaining the ordinary PDC bit fast cutting, through new high-strength preferably PDC cutter, improved drill bit cutting structure to improve the overall strength, through the use of the gradient angle, force balance designed to enhance the protection of the cutting teeth and other methods to improve the stability of the drill bit, and by optimizing the use of BHA, using reasonable drilling parameters and the "low emissions - low speed - high WOB "smooth PDC bit drilling mode prevent damage in the early stage conglomerate, effectively extending the life of the drill bit in drilling conglomerate of applying the technology to achieve a one-time use PDC bits to drill through in Liaodong Bay. Guantao and Dongying formation in the upper part of hanging thick loose conglomerate of nearly 80 m segment, some wells drilled through the lower part of the drill directly after paragraph conglomerate in hard formation to finished drilling depth. using PDC bit thick conglomerate drilling technology, you can save a lot of time offshore drilling operations, significantly reduce drilling costs.

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