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PDC drill oil drilling equipment engineering and technical measures


1), the first selection of work to do PDC bits, drill water hole, channel design should be conducive to the chip; 2), before the next into the PDC drill bit should be fully circulating mud, washing the wellbore to prevent tripping after remaining in the borehole cuttings continue hydration dispersed; 3), the next drill constantly scraping the wall, mud cake on the borehole wall or stuck in the well cuttings accumulate in the drill bit, to a certain extent will be compacted to the drill, then drill midway cycle, rinse the drill is its necessity; 4), under drilling process should be properly controlled speed to prevent sudden drill into the sand bridge, into a pile of mud; Also, if the speed properly, PDC drill bits will drill down on a well drilled spiral trajectory travel, rather than on the wall a lot Canoeing down cake. 5), each drill must be open when the pump in the end, as much as possible to improve the displacement full flush bottom and drill, and other emissions to meet the requirements and then gently press rotary drilling 0.5-1m, which is the PDC drill bit modeling requirements. 6), the PDC before the next first short tripping on the wall cake scraping, squeezing, pull the thick mud cake thin, compacted, try to ensure the smooth flow of the wellbore, the elimination of blocking the card; the high incidence of bit balling If using all methods can not avoid the PDC bit balling, then start with a trip through the cone wells became necessary means 7), as far as possible large displacement drilling, to ensure adequate cleaning and cooling PDC drill bit; 8), into the soft mud, the drilling should be low voltage, high speed, large displacement, there is no need to blind pursuit of high WOB drilling speed that only a few high points, it is just the use of roller bits the way; 9), the operation should be fine, bit feed pressure must be uniform, not suddenly suddenly small.

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