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PDC drill plays what role in drilling operations

Edit: Shaanxi Hainaisen Petroleum Technology Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 13, 2016

In drilling operations, PDC drill bits and inverted by the axial pressure force, pressed into the cutting teeth in the process cut in the rock is worn, blunt or damaged, will definitely affect the drilling speed, followed by WOB add, the penetration rate will not continue to progress, and PDC bit cutting teeth and bearings and other components will accelerate wear and tear that affects drilling rate.

PDC drill bit has a different role and performance in the use of different devices, to ensure that can play an important role and value of a certain size, the fatigue break periods.

When drilling pressure approaching rock indentation hardness when cutting teeth even though it can not cut into the rock, but it happened a lot of cracks in the rock face, after repeating the role of cutting teeth, also occurred in the volume broken; contact change WOB and ROP are three not the same period.

During the appearance of broken:

When the pressure is less than rock drilling indentation hardness when cutting teeth are not able to cut into the rock, the rock can only look frictionally crushed rock, for the cutting tooth wear large, though that penetration rate will increase as the WOB The proportional adding, but the penetration rate is very low.

Volume during the break:

When voltage is applied to more than rock drilling indentation hardness above, cutting teeth cut into the rock crushing volume occurs, got the role of talent is remarkable, it is normal drilling.

Thus, the pressure exerted on the roller cone drill bit necessary satisfaction cutters can be pressed into the rock, the rock crushing volume occurs. Adhesion when drilling soft rock, prone to plugging paste drill, drill press should be selected to be small.

When drilling larger abrasive rock, WOB lack of early wear is easy to form drill, drill press should be appropriate to increase. When drilling through fractured rock, prone to jumping drills, drill press should properly fall to prevent collapse, cutting off the teeth.

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