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Profile of tricone bit


Cone bit drilling formations as a tool has been significantly improved widely used, the performance of the drill bit direct reduce drilling costs, especially in the last ten years the fastest progress. Life and ROP two performance indicators, which ultimately determine the extent of the impact drill drilling costs. Improve ROP and bit life is an effective way to reduce drilling costs, the data confirmed that the penetration rate of improvement greater impact on reducing drilling costs ratio improved bit life, which improve the drill bit cutting structure is to improve the mechanical the most direct way drilling rate. For a long time, people on the cutting structure improvement focused on the main cutting tooth structure, such as carbide tooth structure, people have invented the wedge tooth, spoon-shaped teeth, partial top spoon-shaped teeth, tooth wear, etc. etc. . There is growing recognition gage structure also has a greater impact on the drill penetration rate and life expectancy, especially in the drill highly deviated and horizontal wells on the application requirements gage structure with a reasonable, many new gage structure is developed and research applied to the cone bits and achieved good results.

Manufacturers and research institutions from the bit dynamic can be seen in the three-cone drill gage structure research applications, people come to realize the gauge structure has great influence on the drill penetration rate and life, particularly in the drill directional wells and horizontal well applications greater impact, research and development of new drill gage structure achieved good results in the roller cone bit applications. Drill gage structure development from passive to active gage gage, gage material development from low to high wear resistant materials composite drill gage structure and material improvements greatly improve the performance of the drill bit, to further improve the drill ROP and life. At home and abroad in the gauge structure and materials research there is a certain gap between domestic research institutions and drill manufacturers should further strengthen the study of the gauge structure and materials, with particular emphasis on applied research in a number of initiatives in the drill gage structure, further improvement of domestic teeth round performance drill for drilling the user to adapt to new technology and efficient drilling bit.

Oil drilling and geological drilling is the most widely used cone bit. Cone bit in rotation with the impact, crushing and shearing the role of broken rock formations, so cone bit to adapt to the soft, medium and hard of various strata. Especially after the jet nozzle cone bit and long cone bits appeared cone bit drilling speed is greatly improved, is a major revolution in the history of rock bit. Press cone bit teeth can be divided into milling (steel teeth) cone bits, inserts (inserts carbide teeth on the cone) cone bit; cone can be divided according to the number of single-cone bit, three teeth wheel assembly and multi-cone bit drill. At home and abroad use the most, the most common is the three-cone drill.

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