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What is a polycrystalline diamond compact drill bit


Polycrystalline diamond compact drill oil drilling industry commonly referred to as seed drilling tool for the interface between the tungsten carbide substrate and the synthetic diamond optimized PDC drill bit body mainly by cutting teeth, nozzles, fittings gage surface and other components for geological survey PDC drill bits

Mainly used for geological prospecting exploration PDC drill bit is suitable for soft and hard rock, some manufacturers are now developing new applications of new composite sheet ten hardness of rock

Raw coal drilling using PDC drill

Mainly used for coal mine coal seam drilling rock excavation Generally speaking relatively soft bits of film are a large number of applications such as a drill bolt drill three wings

Edit this paragraph with PDC drill oil exploration

The main application fields of oil and gas drilling using the drill now, all oilfield PDC drill bit PDC drill bit which requires high cost and high nobility, said composite sheet inside the drill

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