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What is the diamond PDC cutter


Composite is a material consisting of diamond and cemented carbide substrate, with high hardness, good wear resistance characteristics, widely used in oil drilling, geological exploration, coal drilling on the drill and mechanical processing tools, and other industries.

Drilling class PDC: suitable for soft to medium hard geological drilling, high impact toughness and thermal stability, heat resistance up to 750 ℃ (two minutes), and a variety of such products with flat groove surface-bound, and groove design, grinding, polishing, chamfering, can provide special shapes according to user needs.

Machine tool class PDC: suitable for non-metallic, non-ferrous metal cutting machining and cutting of high hardness alloys, wood, ceramics, etc., and other metals, with high hardness and wear resistance, high cutting precision, according to user necessary, processed products as rectangular, triangular, fan-shaped and other shapes can be used for the production of wear-resistant device, drill, drill and top gear (with spherical, conical) and the like.

PDC professional production company mainly Henan Ya'alon, etc., through the introduction of international advanced technology, to strengthen their own forces in technology development, efficient use of new catalysts and new technology, production of PDC with a variety of tooth structure, binding interface solid, uniform, high wear resistance, thermal stability and strong impact toughness and other characteristics.

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