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12 1/4 8 Blades Matrix PDC Bit for Mine Drilling

Basic Info

Model NO.:M433Type:Rotary Drilling Rig
Usage:Coal, Ore, Water WellPower Type:Electric
Specification:ISO9001-2008, API Sec 7-1.Origin:China
HS Code:8207191000

Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters enhance the performance of drill bits, making them dynamically stable across a wide range of demanding vertical and directional drilling applications.
Our PDC bits are made to compete not only in faster penetration rates, but priced to ensure your cost per foot will be one of the lowest in the field.
Bits are available in 3-8 blades, and other custom designs as required.

Product Description-----high quality PDC drill bit :

 1. Cutting structure is force balanced and bit blade is asymmetrically designed so that the load on bit is 

balanced that resulting better stability of the bit.
2. Main cutter are high performance PDC cutters to insure service life of the bit while improving ROP.
3. Cutter exposure is optimized to insure the bit can achieve higher ROP is soft to medium formations.
4. Shock absorbers are designed to make the bit capable of drilling through formations with hard strigers.
5. Hydraulic system of the bit is optimized using dynamic flow pattern simulation technology to enhance 

cleaning and cooling effects of the bit to effectively prevent bit from balling.

Product List:
1. PDC bits: Steel Body PDC Bits, Matrix Body PDC Bits
2. Tricone bits: Cone Pieces, Steel tooth tricone bits, TCI bits
3. Single Cone Bits
4. Drag Bits: Chevron Type Drag Bits, Step Type Drag Bits
5. Drill Pipes
6. Hole Openers
SHIPPING: air: fast speed, general 3~5 days, but the number of goods less, high cost of transportation. land: speed is generally, 10~15 days,  the number of goods large.  general cost of transportation. sea: speed is slowly, 20~30 days,  the number of goods large.  cheep cost of transportation.

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