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3-8 blades matrix body oil drilling pdc drill bit API standard

Model NO.:standard for IADCMaterial:Diamond
Usage:Well Drilling Machinery, PDC Bit for RockingCertification:ISO9001

The main structure features:
--Tungsten carbide matrix PDC possesses high wear resistance and impact resistance.
--Parabolic crown profile and maximizes junk slot area can clean bit better, and prolog the bit working life.
--Applying hydraulica balance design, 5 renewal nozzles and reasonable nozzles locating angle can gain ideal fluid in well bottom, fully clean and cool cutter, and prolong the cutter working life.
--Non-symmetry blade arrangement enhances drilling well balance.
--Optimization for cutter shape, slant angle, cutter numbers prolong the cutter working life in combination with high quality PDC cutter, and improve ROP and drilling efficiency.
--It can be used on rotary or down hole motor.
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