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5 Blades PDC Drill Bit with Matrx Body for Sandstone Drilling

Model NO.:311Customized:pdc drill bit
Type:Center Drill BitMaterial:High Carbon Steel
Use:Well DrillingColor:Red, Blue...

A Series: Designed for Conventional Drilling
A Series are applicable for most drilling operations, including rotary or downhole motor drilling. It utilizes self chipping PDC, fit for soft to medium formation.
Symmetric blade design, ensuring working force equilibrium to provide stability.
Sound layout of cutter elements with different character, improving drillability and bit life.
Optimized well bottom flow design with unique hydraulic structure and optional nozzle, preventing balling and cooling the bit at the same time.
Sound strength analysis ensures structure stability.
Please select the applicable formation and parameters according to the instructions.
Carefully check the bits appearance and to check the bits threaded end face,whether the serial number on the box and certificate.
Bottom hole must be clean and bit must not be used for long section reaming.
Drilling process must operate smoothly, find that there is Bie jump on abnormal phenomenon, should be timely analysis and take effective measures

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