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Blowout Preventer Bop Oil Drill Tools

Basic Info

Model NO.:00008Certification:API
Usage:Well Drilling Machinery, Offshore Oil and Gas Field Exploitation Machinery, Oil and Gas Transportation Machinery, Oil and Gas Processing Machinery, Oil (Gas) Production MachineryPackage:Customary Packing
Origin:Shannxi ChinaType:Petroleum Drilling Machine
Production Capacity:60, 000 Pieces Per Month



Side outlets to 4-1/16'' (7-1/16'' on 26-3/4''BOPs) can be provided beneath each set of rams on either or both sides of U BOPS. Side outlets can be studded, open-face flange or clamp hub with the same pressure rating as the vertical run connections. Flanges confirm to API Spec 6A, 16C.
Hubs confirm to API Spec 6A or applicable standards.
Type 6BX flanges with 1000 and 15000Psi working pressure.
13-5/8'' and larger bore BOPS with 5000 Psi working pressure.
Hydraulic control connections for operation of rams and bonnets are 1'' NPT. There are two connections for each RAM.

Annular BOP

Annular BOP meet NACE and API Spec 6A requirements for internal H2S service. Low temperature service BOP is available. The special lightweight single Spherical BOP was designed for airlifting to remote drilling sites, can be disassembled into components no heavier than 4000 pound each to be carried by helicopter.
Annular BOPS consists of five major parts: Upper and lower housing, Sealing element, adapter ring and piston.

BOP & MANIFOLDS including:
X- mas tree
Chock manifolds & mud manifolds
Tee joint
Mud valve
Check valve union
High pressure swivel joint^

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