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diamond pdc cutter/geology pdc cutter/oil well pdc cutter/water well pdc cutter

Basic Info

Material:DiamondUsage:Stone Cutting, Drilling, Abrasive and Carving
Manufacturing brand:HNSKind:Diamond Drill

From Low prices to high prices complete range PDC CUTTERS tailored for your specific application.

Product Description

1. High hardness, abrasion resistance and impact resistance

2. High speed

3. Cutter layout is force balanced to drill a precise round hole and reduce bit whirl

4. Gauge pads have tungsten carbide inserts for maximum wear resistance

5. The diamond layer with thickness over 1 mm increases abrsion resistence of PDC cutter.

6. Sintered at high pressure and temperature

Usage: It can be used in making wire-drawing die, Geological bit, oil bit, PCD cutting tools, wood cutting tool, and polishing Jewels.

PCD is a diamond combo produced by synthetic diamond sintered with bond under high temperature and high pressure; It has very high wearability and high thermal stability. Its widely used in petroleum extraction, diamond machining, geology drill and mechanical processing tools.

PCD series have lower wearability than TSP series. It is the first choice for nature diamond cutting & polishing nowadays. We can provide different shapes and different sizes of PCD.

Advantage Products:
Carbide inserts, carbide buttons, carbide tips, carbide shims, tungsten carbide balls, rock auger bullet teeth, K034 Mining inserts, coal drill tips, tungsten bar, carbide strips, carbide nozzles, carbide pins, carbide gripper inserts, carbide bushings, carbide blanks, carbide brazed tips, carbide dies, carbide saw tips etc.

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