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HAINAISEN Geological Drill Bit Development Path.

Geological drill is a more general definition, in addition to drill oil and gas production use, the basic can be collectively referred to as geological drill. Since the beginning of 2009 related to the geological drill bit, trying to learn the experience of others, continuous innovation has always put quality first, customers have been unanimously approved. At the same time Mori insufficient resistance to sea from the annual output value of three hundred thousand of micro and small enterprises, so that product sales most of the country, the annual output value of over ten million, only three years, so that the incremental growth.

  The company's sales group coverage nationwide, the products are widely used in water well drilling, geothermal drilling, drilling hot springs, gas and coal ground geological exploration, coal-bed methane drilling, shale gas drilling, buildings and bridges and tunnels spear emission protection. From the grassroots level is the first step in the company's development, the majority of the private company to verify the quality of products is a loyal supporter, timely feedback and advice on the use of products to professional designers gives power companies continue to innovate constantly reforms.

  Since 2010 the company has exploration and CNNC subsidiary Brigade, Gansu, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region of more than a dozen units established a cooperative exploration. Good cooperation is just the beginning, still under negotiation for client companies nationwide is still great room for development, foreign customers, is expected to achieve cooperation in the next year.

  Quality products has been the core of the company's development, the company in the selection of the best domestic and foreign suppliers of raw materials, but also strive to do inspection procedures, staff meticulous work of the spirit and professional skills so that product quality has been guaranteed, continuous reform and innovation to make the company's products always walk in the forefront of the industry.

  Reform and innovation, quality first, the company has been advancing power, changing the face of national development, the new drilling mode in emerging, new products are born. Although a good product selection can improve the performance of the product, but good material is the product of reform first solution condition, we will enhance in the next three to five years the company's products into the company's development of material first.


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