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Hainaisen Small Aperture PDC Core Drill And Core Drill Concave

1, the small aperture PDC bits refers to the effective diameter of less than or equal to 180 mm within the drill, consisting mainly of rigid and PDC. Widely used in Geological Prospecting, exploration and coal mine gas drainage was empty, and so on drilling sampling operations. According to the geological layer of rock hardness level changes of varying shapes and other characteristics, the company's products in the choice of cutting teeth on the plane is divided into arc PDC PDC electroplated diamond and impregnated sintered type, choose the appropriate bit in particular in order to achieve a better formation Drilling results. PDC drill machining plane has a high drilling speed and abrasion resistance and long service life, into a higher hardness and superior in 10 formations below. Plane PDC biggest drawback is poor toughness, in some more or broken layer containing boulders, gravel formation drilling, drill bit higher risk of damage, in order to solve this problem the company on the use of oil-level PDC drill bit to try to strengthen , can contain small amounts of relatively soft and gravel formations drilling, the lower the probability of damage does not affect the drilling efficiency. PDC drilling oil level than geology extend the life of nearly a third in the same formation. Although the price is slightly higher in the same type of drill bit, but still have a high price.
2, arcuate higher impact resistance PDC, PDC drill bit so that you can contain floating stone gravel rock drilling complex life to have a more significant upgrade than the plane PDC. Although PDC arc greatly reduced wear and drilling speed ratio, but in complex formation still has a high value.

3, electroplating and impregnated sintered diamond drill suitable hardness than 12 formations drilling, when the rock hardness reaches a certain level, PDC will not play to the advantages of its fast-cutting, efficiency can not be improved, and the selection of electroplated diamond impregnated sintered drill, repeat reaming relatively affect the normal use of the drill bit. Company R & D personnel in conjunction petroleum sintering bit technology is working to improve processing technology, we expect to produce higher quality and longer life for High hardness rock core drill.




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