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New Product 1313 Oil Drilling PDC Cutter for drilling bits

Basic Info

Model NO.:1313Blade Material:Diamond
Size:All SizeShape:Round
Usage:Drilling, Abrasive and Carving, Lab Use Super-thin Saw Blade, Semiconductor Cutting, Arts CuttingManufacturing Arts:Cutting
Production Capacity:1000 PCS/Week

large drawn rod. This range is widely utilized for ferrous and non-ferrous wire drawing applications.
PCD's are available in 2 types, self supported and tungsten ring supported with different grain sizes (1, 3,
5, 10, 25 and 50 micron).The PCD blanks are purchased from well known manufacturers mainly Diamond
Innovations (Formerly GE), Sumitomo and Sifang.
The type of PCD blank is selected depending on the material drawn or as per the customer order. The pCD's
are mounted into the steel casing, precisely drilled, accurately sized and polished to obtain good wire
surface and long di life.
· Available for almost any type of wire drawing operation, from rod-size to fine-size
· Can be used for wet and dry drawing applications
· Predictable wire surface quality
· Contain randomly oriented diamond crystals, making certain that wire remains round, even
wi    th significant wear the wire remains round
· Blank dimensions are guaranteed, hence maximum re cut dimensions can be predicted
· Grain Size from 1 grain to 50 Grains
· Size range from 0.025 microns to 15mm.

1. Polycrystalline diamond PCD widely used for natural diamonds edge
processing, Polishing and machined.
2. Polycrystalline diamond compact used as oil drill cutting element, Suitable
for drilling from soft to hard formations, but also can be Used as the cutting
edge of the machining tool, like Coal mining, Geological exploration, oil
drilling, etc.
3. Polycrystalline diamond used for cutting of non-ferrous metals And
nonmetallic materials, the product can be processed as the Size and shape of th
customer needs.
4. Polycrystalline diamond PCD used for making wire drawing dies.
PCD's are available in 3 types, self supported ,Natural and tungsten ring
supported with different grain sizes (1, 3, 5, 10, 25 and 50 micron).

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