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PDC Drill Bits (all types)

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  • Model NO.:all types

  • Colors:Golden or According to Your Requirement

  • Size:All Parts:Geological Prospecting, Coal Exploration

Product Description
PDC bit uses PDC as main cutting components, with the excellent wear-ability and impact toughness of the PDC. It has a useful life, high-efficiency, and good performance cost ratio.
PDC bit is mainly used for drilling soft and medium formation, it work under low drilling pressure, midium-low speed, big drainagePDC Coring and non-coring bits, PDC sintering matrix bits and PDC anchoring 
supply all kinds of bits. PDC bit can be widely used in the fields of geological exploration, coal mining, water conservancy and hydropower, construction of road and railway.
We also can design PDC bits according to customer requirements, such as different geological condition, special strata and so on.
PDC(polycrystalline diamond compact) drill bit is a new product after the hot-pressed and electroplated drill bit recent years. With special hith-frequency weldin techniques. PDC of high wear resistant si welded to the body as cutting edges. PDC bit is mainly used for geological prospecting, coal exploration, water conservancy and power engineering, etc.
1. It has a super long life. The grinding/consumption ratio of PDC is 20-40 times that of tungsten carbide bit and 10 times that of diamond bit.
2. It had high drilling speed.
3. It can be operated with low pressure and low speed.
4. It has a good gage protection.
5. It can be used widely, more suitable for drilling in the stratum with formation<7
6. It has a low cost

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