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Pdc Drill Bits And Mining Operations In The Exploration

PDC drill bits and diamond mining operations in the exploration of oil and gas in there than the traditional three-cone drill long life, high drilling efficiency of notable features, the current large-scale use in the country. PDC diamond drill bit for drilling costs and high demand have been some high-cost drilling use, hydrology class exploration drilling due to the project cost and mechanical hardware limitations can not promote the use of diamond PDC oil drill. PDC is generally round shape, use after oil drilling, cutting teeth from the main to the sub-cutting tooth wear range, due to the PDC thermal stability after repeated soldering products may cause uncontrollable, thus affecting the quality of the product , so generally do not use oil and gas drilling refresher drills, and a large number of discarded but still has a bit body use to stability again. In view of this the company will drill new oil out of the PDC were grade division, to the kind of shallow drilling, hydrogeological drilling relatively shallow section of Geological more, although the bit rehabilitation after certain unstable factor in Asai segment is almost not manifest, relatively pure new products of high price, low price is its strong advantage. Quality control revisionism drill has been a top priority, to identify ways the body using a dedicated measuring and appearance inspection can basically meet the requirements, but the dark dark PDC injury hurt alloy base, whether through high temperature, these factors affect the quality of PDC From the outside it is difficult to check it out. So the company never purchased at select PDC time, select only the internal repurchase drill directly select PDC from the body, improve the quality of the product stability. The design principle petroleum drill rig is not conducive to the use of light, developed for hydrological exploration drill class is the company has been striving for.

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