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Pdc Drill Speed Influence What Factors Footage

(1) Due to the curvature of the borehole is too high or lithology reasons pdc bit beat up and down coupled with insufficient knife Ji tooth design earthquake; reason high motor rotation 180-220 rev / min, got supreme grinding, hard and brittle igneous rock formations and when , due to hold rock drill caused the jump, plus whipstocking tools and different heart vibrate on the drill axis, uneven loads decentralized pressurized drilling so that the impact on the load of the drill hole axis high-frequency vibration occurs.
(2) caused by the irrational sectional downhole drill bit downhole happen roundabout; for different wells should correspond to a different type of drill bit models, vertical section with a dozen vertical well drilling, for example, a relatively long gage drill bit should be relatively favorable for steady ramp For early so whipstocking pdc drill, profile selection tool face stability the primary solution, while the height of the inner cone drill short shallow outer cone can solve this problem.
(3) motor accident caused clogging of water, mud can not cool pdc drill drill cuttings tooth tooth damage in a short time, a direct result of the occurrence of the drill no footage; motor unglued, irregular stator rubber water shut off at high temperatures and pressures eye occurred pump pressure rises to timely detection of problems. Prevent local water cycle short circuit, causing damage to produce high temperature ring drill in drilling.
(4) cross-sectional design is unreasonable unable to drill directional drilling; crown sectional design is the key to the overall design and reasonable within the cone, and nose, side, crumbs unit, and trails will decide early so that directional kick is successful.
(5) cut quiet in the formation of teeth and size distribution of a reasonable match; mixed fabric teeth tooth side bevel reasonable control eating into the formation of the effective means. Good control of the teeth is determined according to the different strata depression rational point of view, some of the normal formation of small angle, for hard and abrasive formations strong design larger angle of depression, eating into the formation to control its depth to prevent motor stalling.
(6) drill hole rigid unreasonable; whipstocking tool he can reduce stiffness and prevent stabilizer and rigid structure and hanging wall bracket pressure occur. For the current motor 244mm by 311mm borehole motor is reused, so the motor front end mostly interchangeable sets a maximum outer diameter of the sleeve to 295mm borehole no space on the hard ground and in the construction of horizontal wells is very dangerous The motor of this structure is only suitable for soft ground and the upper part of conventional directional wells, it causes the front portion of the motor rigidity larger discharge area is relatively small, relatively high speed back, with the upper annulus to form a vortex, affecting the front cuttings quickly brought out, causing deposition, the impact drilling speed, causing further pdc drill cuttings to these repeated broken, could easily lead to the drill bit and stabilizer balling.
(7) drill runner design is not suitable for directional drilling; efficient discharge tank design is an important factor to accelerate drilling speed, high speed only during drilling cuttings cleaning underground, it may reduce the accumulation of so-called care of their cause pressure, mud pack. A reasonable number and location of the water hole design, mechanical design and flow channel water is the best solution.
(8) the number of drill knife Ji match with the formation; multitool Ji increase stability drill, so the formation of such drills is harder directional kick the election, but more due to the small knife Ji relatively drainage area, mud package of risk is relatively large, so easy to mud pack for DRILLABILITY good ROP high ground, to meet
the targeted needs under the premise can reduce knife Ji.

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