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Practical PDC rock cutter insert gas water well drilling bit

Basic Info

Type:Petroleum Drilling Tool & AccessoryCertification:ISO
Usage:Well Drilling MachinerySpecification:api

1)Certified by ISO9001&API 
2)Covers all IADC codes
3)Size: 3 7/8" (98.4mm)~17 1/2" (444.5mm)
4)Used for oil well

1) Bit profile is optimized and is suitable for drilling soft to medium formations.

2) Cutting structure is force balanced, bit blade is asymmetrically designed, and spiral blade and spiral gage are also designed so that the load on bit is balanced which resulting better stability of the bit.

3) Multiple types of high performance PDC cutters are strategically arranged on bit for improved service life of the bit.

4) Shock absorbers are designed to make the bit capable of drilling through formations with hard stringers.

5) Hydraulic system of the bit is optimized using dynamic flow pattern simulation technology to enhance cleaning and cooling effects of the bit to effectively prevent bit from balling.

6) Erosion on bit surface is effectively prevented by utilizing hardfacing material of highly erosion resistant and applying advanced base metal enhancement technology.

7) Ports on bit are also optimally designed to prevent erosion of water courses inside the bit.

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