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shaanxi hainaisen Diamond Cutter PDC Drilling Bit with The Lowest Price

Blade Count 5pcs
Primary Cutter 16mm
Nozzles 5-7pcs
Bit Rotary Speed (rpm) 40~90
Weight-On-Bit (KN) 25~75
Flow Rate (lps) 15~17
Extrem soft formation of low resist compression strength, high drillability, such as soft shale, clay, rock salt and so on.
The reasonable layout of patented PDC cutters in various structures at different locations endows the bits with storing aggressiveness and anti-abrasiveness.
Strong aggressiveness allows the bits high ROP.
The simulation technology of dynamic flow field is used in hydraulic design to optimize down-hole flow field beneficial to improve clearance speed and anti-balling simultaneously.

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