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Shaanxi HaiNaiSen PDC Coal Mine Drill Bit with Two Wings

Basic Info

Model NO.:01Type:Drill Bit
Material:The Best Diamond & Sintered CarbideUse:Power Tools PDC Drill Bit
Product Name:PDC Coal Mine Drill BitApplication:Coal Mine, Water Canservancy & Hydropower
Diameter:25~32mm, 42mmSize:32*M14
Color:Golden, Silver, Blue Grey, Black, etcWeight:0.1kg
Certification:Is09001HS Code:82071910
Specification:ISO9001 certifiedOrigin:China

Features of PDC diamond drill bit for coal mine rock drilling:
1. The cutting tools adopts new type superhard material; Shelf life of drill bit is high.
2. Drilling efficiency of medium hard and harder stratum can be greatly improved.
3. Cutting edge is wearable, no need of polishing, easy to operate.

Advantage of PDC diamond drill bit:
1. It is a new-type product with more effective, simple and wearable performance.
2. It has super longer life time, which is 10~10 time higher than tungsten car
-bide drill bit under the same condition.
3. It can increase efficiency, highly decrease drilling lifting time and the average effectiveness can be increased by 50% above.
4. It can be applied to different formation widely, and has wonderful drilling performance in formation of f=1~12.

Model       Application      
Two-wings Half-piece PDC drill bits Soft-medium hard formation of f ≥ 5

Complete-piece PDC drill bits Medium-hard formation of f ≥ 6

Reinforced PDC drill bits Hard formation of f ≥ 8

Triple-wings  Half-piece PDC drill bits Hard formation of f ≥ 6

Reinforced half-piece PDC drill bits Hard formation of f ≥ 8

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